Wednesday, October 15, 2003

AIR FM Gold news analysis program

Every morning, between 8.45 AM and 9.00 AM, AIR FM Gold (105.0 FM) broadcasts a news analysis programme. Its quality can of course be a lot better but what is gratifying is the level of independence exhibited by people who come on the show. AIR is not any more a stooge in the hands of the ruling party.

In today's programme, news analyst was Malhotra (didn't pick up the initials). Election Commission has expressed its displeasure about the ruling BJP coalition's full page advertisements appearing on newspapers extolling their 4 years of great governance, particularly in those five states where elections are due and the model code of conduct has come in to place. The Election Commission has also strongly condemned distribution of school bags to students in Chattisgarh with Chief Minister Ajit Jogi's mugshot on it.

Commenting on this, Malhotra said "of course it is condemnable. It is your and my money which the Government is using to spend on some useless advertisements with the Prime Minister's mugshot on it. The Congress state governments spend money showing Sonia Gandhi's face. They should rather spend the money on some useful programme for the poor." All of us, sensible people, have similar views.

What is heartening is that AIR now gives a platform to express such views openly.

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